VIP treatment

From the moment you are designated as a VIP player at an online casino, you will notice this by how you are treated. First of all, the customer service will be much more lenient, but there will also be a personal account manager at your disposal who can help you with any questions and problems. In addition, there are a lot of benefits associated with the VIP treatment you receive, both financially and socially. Think, for example, of accelerated payouts when you have made a nice profit or an amicable arrangement with which you can get an extra bonus or cashback. On this page, you can find more information about the benefits of VIP treatment at an online casino.

Deposit as VIP higher amounts at an online casino

The standard credit card companies and other transaction methods often have a maximum amount you can transfer per transaction. However, an online casino often has the option to adjust this, and if you need VIP treatment, this can usually be arranged.

For example, a deposit with VISA is often limited to a thousand euros per transaction, but this can be increased to five thousand euros per transaction in exceptional circumstances. Incidentally, you can deposit ten thousand euros at a time with iDeal, so if you have this, you can safely start a wild gaming session without needing extra VIP treatment.

Benefit from a VIP manager

If you are a VIP player, there are really many benefits that you can take advantage of. One of these benefits is the VIP manager. You get a personal VIP manager, and you will benefit from that. The advantage is that you get immediate answers to questions. You can get advice, and you can get payouts faster. It’s really about that you, as a VIP, are satisfied and feel like a real VIP, and the VIP manager will take care of that personally.

It is nice that you have one point of contact as a VIP player because you can ask all your questions here, and the online casino will arrange everything for you. You are a VIP but feel like a VIP at a VIP casino. Approach your VIP manager if you have questions, as he is always there. Your manager will do everything they can to help you so that you can continue playing without any worries.

Receive as VIP more bonus and cashback

Some extra play money is always a nice bonus. However, even when wagering is attached to a bonus, you can still win a lot. Of course, you sometimes feel like asking for an extra bonus, but luckily this happens automatically with VIP treatment.

A loyal player or a high roller can regularly count on a message from his personal account manager stating that there is some extra play money in his account. But, of course, the next play session is then at the expense of the house, and it could be that you grab your successive big win.

Incidentally, something can also be agreed upon with your account manager, so that general VIP treatment is no longer necessary. For example, with bonus schemes or cashback schemes, it can be decided that you can count on bonus money or cash at specific times, for instance, at the end of the month or when you turn out to be unlucky at the end of your playing session.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a VIP treatment

Not every player is talkative, and there is a good chance that you want to gamble quietly without being constantly harassed. Even if you are not waiting for a bonus or a friendly chat, there are still certain times when a VIP treatment would work particularly to your advantage. For example, it’s nice when your withdrawal requests are processed faster than usual, or your account is verified in minutes.

If you are a loyal player or a high roller at an online casino, feel free to ask. All you have to do is contact customer service or the VIP manager of the casino and ask for special treatment.

Of course, this is only sometimes possible, but that does not alter the fact that they will put in a lot of extra effort at an online casino when a good player comes up with a special request.