VIP Roulette

VIP Roulette in live casino

Roulette is still the most popular casino game people play in online casinos. There are many different forms of roulette games to be found online. Of course, the three traditional play types of roulette are French, American and European roulette. These roulette types are well represented in the many online casinos that the internet has to offer. There are also many variants of the roulette game; sometimes successful, sometimes confusing. Of course, you can also choose tables with higher or lower betting limits. For players who like to play for slightly higher bets, the VIP roulette tables are a godsend. Not only can you play for higher stakes at these VIP tables, but there are also other advantages of these tables compared to other roulette tables.

VIP Roulette is more than just ‘high stakes’

At most VIP roulette tables, the minimum bet is 25 euros. However, a VIP roulette table offers more benefits than just the ability to play for higher stakes. VIP roulette table provides more information about the game than is the case with a regular roulette table. This is to serve the high rollers a bit more.

The live dealer of the particular VIP Roulette live game keeps track of which numbers have fallen in recent rounds, and you can see which numbers are “hot” or “cold”. This data is shown for the last hundred spins or more to make a better decision. The same information is kept for black and red (and of course also the green zero) and odd and even.

Play VIP roulette in HD

When you want to gamble and take an online seat at an exclusive VIP Roulette game, you want to have the best HD quality with streaming. This way, you can follow all online casino ‘real time’ steps in the live casino. Casino software developer NetEnt is one of the largest casino software producers in Europe. NetEnt supplies many online casinos with its software, including the VIP Roulette games for live casinos. VIP Roulette from NetEnt can be played at basically all casinos represented on LiveCasino.VIP. At NetEnt’s VIP Roulette, you have the opportunity to play in a live casino, where the action is displayed by different HD cameras. Here again, you can chat with the croupier or your fellow players if they are also connected with their webcam. Give it a try.

Playing VIP live roulette? That is possible at the trustworthy online casinos selected by For the roulette enthusiast,the place to play the game. Salon Privé recently introduced this new way of playing. If you are a fan of this classic game, it is worthwhile to discover this unique game form.