VIP explains how expensive the ‘High Roller’ status is to achieve

19 January 2023

VIP explains how expensive the ‘High Roller’ status is to achieve and whether it’s worth it. A successful VIP casino player from Las Vegas gave his honest look on the

Effort, time and money

Achieving the status of a VIP player has been committed to going along with the casino as a paradise. However, a VIP doesn’t just get there and can’t reach it so directly. And is being a Casino VIP ultimately worth all the effort, risk, time and money? Achieving the honoured high roller status in Las Vegas as a VIP is possible in many ways. The benefits vary greatly between games. In other words, tables against slots, so those serious about achieving VIP status will want to choose their path wisely.

A recent Twitter thread went viral from @RickGolfs describing himself as a “mediocre but prolific golfer.” Rick is a Las Vegas high roller and shares how he achieved VIP status through The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The chosen path

The path chosen by the VIP was with choosing slot machine games. Rick says he got lucky and achieved high roller status in Las Vegas with a huge early win on the $5 slots. That propelled him to a big victory on the $25 machines. And he got a taste of high-roller life in Las Vegas.

The VIP player starts with a modest amount of USD 5 at a table. It’s the beginning of the evening and the start of numerous tweets about his progression.