VIP Bonus

What is a VIP casino bonus?

In general, a VIP bonus is an additional reward that players receive when they are loyal to an online casino. Every online casino has a different kind of VIP bonus available. The best thing about a VIP casino bonus is that it is usually a bigger bonus than others. Also, the VIP bonus typically does not stop, and you can score and combine numerous bonuses.

How exactly do you get a VIP bonus?

This differs per online casino, but there are two ways to receive a VIP bonus in most cases. Below you can read how you can get a VIP bonus and the difference between these ways.

The first way is by depositing a lot of money. When an online casino has an exclusive VIP program and players only accept by invitation, you will be noticed faster if you often deposit a lot of money. With these types of VIP programs, you often rise in level when you have deposited a certain amount and receive more bonuses.

The second way to get a VIP online casino bonus is to play a lot in the casino. You get VIP points when you have wagered a certain amount. VIP Points is also known as “Complimentary Points” or CP. When you have collected enough points, you automatically rise to the next level. This bonus is more accessible to the overall player because you can instantly collect points while playing.

The best loyalty program for VIPs

Countless online casinos have a VIP program, but few have one as good as the Betamo Casino. At the Betamo Casino, players can enjoy an 11-tier VIP program. In addition, players receive a CP per 12.50 euros that they wager in the online casino.

When they have collected enough CP, they can move on to the next level. Every online casino has a different system when it comes to CP and the bonuses you can receive. When reaching a new level, players receive an additional new VIP bonus. Below you can see which bonuses you can receive in this online casino. As you can see, you can win free spins, cash VIP bonuses and even a Lamborghini when you reach the 11th level and have a status as an official VIP player.

What types of VIP bonuses are there?

As we have mentioned before, the VIP programs of every online casino are different. We will tell you a little more about what can be offered with a VIP bonus.

💰 Deposit Bonus VIP

One of the most common bonuses is the deposit bonus. This is a bonus where you get extra play money when you make a deposit. For example, if you get a 100% bonus and deposit 100 euros, you can start playing with 200 euros. In most cases, an online casino only offers a deposit bonus for the first number of deposits. Therefore, the bonus percentage is usually a lot higher here than with other bonuses. The advantage of this bonus is that you get a lot of extra play money. You can therefore play a lot more with the same money.

💰 Reload VIP bonus

The reload bonus works in principle the same as the deposit bonus, but this is a bonus that is regularly offered as a VIP bonus. This is often a bonus that you can use weekly or monthly. The bonus percentage of the reload bonus is lower than the deposit bonuses. Usually, the rate is around 50% for the reload bonus. The reload bonus is based on the deposit amount that the player has deposited. An advantage of the reload bonus is that you can use it often. You can usually use this bonus on a weekly or monthly basis.

💰 Free spins VIP bonus

With this bonus, players get free spins on specific slot machines. In most cases, this bonus is combined with the welcome bonus or other deposit bonuses. The advantage of the free spins bonus is that you can test out different slot machines and win some extra money.

💰 Cashback VIP bonus

Several online casinos also offer players a special VIP cashback bonus. This is a bonus where you get some of your lost money back as a bonus. Usually, the percentage you get back from this cashback bonus increases when you level up in the VIP program. A cashback bonus is a perfect bonus.

Collect point as Casino VIP for special treatment and benefits

You can all receive the above bonuses when you level up in the VIP program of the online casino. Every time you collect enough points and level up yourself, you get VIP rewards in forms like bonuses and higher odds. In addition to these VIP bonuses, there are other benefits that online casinos offer high stake VIP players. VIP players get access to exclusive tournaments and promotions, for example. At higher levels of a VIP program, online casinos can also invite players to special events. So you get the proper treatment of a VIP, and it’s not only a fancy name to use in the casino. Also, some online casinos give the players tremendous gifts such as expensive watches, luxury vacations and even brand new cars.

In addition to all the gifts and bonuses, VIP players also receive special treatment from the online casino. For example, VIP players have a higher withdrawal limit, faster withdrawals, a personal manager who is available 24/7 for all problems and more.

As a VIP player, you can often test the latest games first. You usually get free spins that allow you to test the new games before the other players access the game. So you get credit for trying the games first before others can.

Where can I find the best VIP bonus?

We have highlighted the top 5 VIP programs here in this article. These programs have been thoroughly researched by our experts, and they stand out from the rest. Check the promotion page of an online casino to see if they have a VIP program. You can also contact customer service to ask if they offer a VIP bonus if it is more exclusive and not shown on the website. Finally, you can take a look at the top list of casinos reviewed by our experts to find the best VIP casino bonus. You can also look at the individual reviews of online casinos that we have on our website.

Conclusion on VIP bonuses at online casinos

A VIP bonus is lovely because of the many rewards, but they are not as simple as it sounds. You can continue to receive countless different VIP bonuses from the online casino if you are loyal. There are bonuses such as deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, and free spins in a VIP bonus program. The more you play in an online casino, the more bonuses you receive from the VIP program. If you are looking for an excellent online casino to enjoy VIP bonuses, you should take a look at our best gambling sites. Don’t wait any longer, and quickly find the perfect VIP bonus for you!

Frequently asked questions about VIP bonuses.

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about the VIP bonus and more. Let’s see if your VIP Bonus question is already been answered by our team on live casino worldwide information and tips. See below all frequently asked questions (FAQ) about VIP bonuses:

☑️ What exactly is a VIP bonus?
When you are an online casino VIP, you get certain extras and bonuses from online casinos. A VIP bonus can come in different forms, such as a deposit, cashback, or free spins.

☑️ Can I withdraw the bonus money from the VIP bonus right away?
In most cases, when you receive a bonus, you must first meet the wagering requirements. Unfortunately, this means that you have to wager the bonus amount multiple times before you can withdraw it.

☑️ Where can I find the best VIP bonus?
Check out the top lists on our website to find the best and reliable online casinos. These casinos have been thoroughly reviewed by our experts for fairness, security and reliability.

☑️ Can I withdraw the bonus money from the VIP bonus right away?
In most cases, when you receive a bonus, you must first meet the wagering requirements. Unfortunately, this means that you have to wager the bonus amount multiple times before you can withdraw it.

☑️ Is it a VIP bonus one-time?
In most cases, you will get several bonuses when you level up in the VIP program. So you will continuously receive bonuses from the VIP program if you keep playing.