The secret scams of major gamblers in Macau

15 April 2020

Famous gamblers in Macau turn out to be using an illegal trick that multiplies all their bets in one fell swoop, up to 10 times as much.

In the VIP rooms of the casinos

It takes place in the VIP rooms of the casinos, where the biggest high-rollers play in a luxurious environment, undisturbed by the usual crowd. Baccarat is by far the most popular game among VIP players. It is not uncommon for a player to lose millions of euros in a weekend.

As background info: almost all players in the VIP rooms organize their gambling trips to Macau with the help of a ‘junket’. This is a kind of tour operator for gamblers that arranges travel and accommodation and acts as a bank.

Most Chinese who gamble in Macau play on credit. The junket provides them with play money in the VIP rooms, and the players settle their winnings or losses when they return home to Hong Kong or mainland China. Junkets get a commission for the players they bring to a casino. Some expeditions go even further. They rent their own VIP room and share the gambling proceeds with the casino.

The Secret Multiplier

It turns out that some tremendous players agree on a ‘multiplier’ or ‘parallel bet’ in advance with their junket. All betting wins, or losses are multiplied by some factor, ranging from 3 to 10 times the original amount.

If a high roller loses $100,000 in the casino and the multiplier is 10, he owes the junket an additional $900,000. This system provides an ideal way to play with black money. No one knows how much you actually bet, except the expedition and yourself.

Moreover, you as a player no longer suffer from any betting limits (although these are usually astronomically high in Macau). But the multiplier practice also hurts several parties. First, the casino loses revenue because the player bets much less on the VIP tables.

Furthermore, the multiplier system leads to highly high gambling debts, which can never be paid in some cases. Junkets, therefore, suffer enormous losses. But since the multiplier is illegal, the officials who wrote the report speak of “thief robs thief.”