The life of a Casino VIP High Roller

9 April 2020

Limousines, front-row tickets to shows, luxury dinners, and priority wherever you want. The life of a High Roller in casinos does not sound crazy. Anton Daniels explains what that life looks like in this video and why he stopped it completely.

“Life As a VIP High Roller At The Casino” is a January 2019 video by Anton Daniels. The video explains how it works precisely; what you have to do to be treated like a high roller by the casinos, including all the benefits. Not too many striking images, but just Daniels is explaining what’s going on at a casino bar in 15 minutes.

In the video’s final minutes, Daniels, a Michigan influencer and vlogger, explains why he’s stopped living a high roller altogether. He talks about the dangers, the times he saw things go wrong with others, and the reactions from those around him.

If you are curious about the story of a Dutch high roller who is always pampered in Vegas, read our interview with Govert Metaal.