Holland Casino recognizes the existence of VIP Card

31 March 2020

Following an article in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf about a gambling addict who lost €250,000 in Holland Casino Amsterdam, Michiel van Nispen (SP) asked parliamentary questions. With his answers, Minister Sander Dekker gave a unique insight into the operational management of the state gambling company. For example, the existence of a special VIP Card is confirmed.

On July 8, an article was published in the newspaper of Wacht Nederland with the title ‘Charles lost a quarter million in a casino: ‘I kept walking to the ATM’.

A player – in the article the fictitious name ‘Charles’ is used – loses a quarter of a million euros in Holland Casino in two years. The player is angry that the casino has done too little to save him.

‘Charles’ then hires a lawyer to force the casino to account for its role in the case.