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Exclusive Live Dealers for VIP players

VIP or Very Important Person. If we visit somewhere and spend a lot of money there, we expect you to be seen as an important guest. If you leave hundreds of euros in a restaurant, you don’t want to sit with your hand up for half an hour and ask for an extra glass of water. This also applies to an online casino. If you are a regular visitor here and wager much more money with the virtual games than the average visitor. Then you want the provider to give you special treatment for this. A VIP treatment. At a VIP live casino, they are set up for this. At such an online casino, high rollers and loyal gamblers enjoy all kinds of extras not available for a regular player. You can read on this website what these extras are and which reliable providers can be considered a VIP casino online.

High roller benefits

Gambling more than others and being considered a VIP player is possible in two ways. For example, you can return to an online casino very regularly to gamble. Another way is by betting much higher amounts while gambling. This last group of players are also known as the high rollers. A casino loves these players because they can win or lose thousands of euros in a single evening. Therefore, the providers do everything they can to get the high rollers to their gambling facility or let them participate in tournaments. Among other things, by offering an exceptional treatment with unique high roller benefits. This can be, for example, a special bonus. A bonus where the maximum amount of bonus money is much higher than the standard welcome bonus. A VIP casino Netherlands goes a little further in the extra benefits.

Short lines to customer service

Once a casino realizes that you are risking a lot more money at the gambling tables than the average player. Then, of course, they want to keep you as a gambler. One way to do this is to ensure that everything while gambling is ultimately the way you want it to be. Therefore, a gambling site for high rollers will have an employee contact you to ask if everything is to your liking. If you walk around with annoyance, you can let the casino employee know. They will then take immediate action to resolve this issue for you. The players are usually also given contact details not listed on the site. This allows them to directly contact a customer service team that prioritizes solving problems for the exceptional players.

Fast payouts and high limits

Every casino online has set limits for depositing, withdrawing and wagering money. There is always a limit to what you can bet during a gambling game. These limits are mainly there to protect the provider against fraud. After all, there will always be people trying to outsmart someone else on the internet. A payout limit of 5000 euros is often not enough for a high roller. If this player manages to win a large amount, they just want to pay it out in one go. Once trust with a player has been built up, the casino can also arrange this for you. The limit can be set higher, and moreover, payouts will be processed faster.