Roulette VIP

Want to gamble with high stakes on the Roulette VIP wheel? Read about the available VIP Roulette live casino games for high rollers!

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VIP Roulette for High Rollers

Playing live is worthwhile and especially if you choose Roulette VIP from Evolution Gaming. Maybe you have played other live roulette games from Evolution Gaming before. Roulette VIP is then the same. You can place a bet on a particular number, red/black and even / odd. You can also follow everything well according to the HD cameras. But what’s the difference? This is the amount of bet you place. Roulette VIP is very popular because you can play with high stakes. Are you also curious about how things work and what the rules are? Feel free to read on because the Roulette VIP game rules are discussed, together with the betting limits and how to play Roulette as a high roller. This way, you can start well prepared at the roulette VIP table of Evolution Gaming.

Roulette VIP Rules

The rules of roulette VIP are the same as the other variants of roulette that you know. A live dealer will lead the game, and it’s all about you placing your bet on time. The dealer will indicate when you can place your bet and when the time is up for you. If everyone has placed a bet, the dealer will bring the ball into play and then it is waiting for the ball to come to a stop. Once that is the case, you can see if you have won a big prize. Your goal is to predict on which number the ball comes to a halt. When you get it right, you win a nice reward. Did you foresee it wrong? The new round, new opportunities to try again. Everyone who has won a prize will be paid for it, and then the game will be prepared for a new round.

You – as a VIP roulette player – have control over what amount you play with, you can also place a bet on multiple numbers, which will cost you more, but the chance of a prize is more remarkable.

Roulette VIP betting limits

VIP players are often known to play with higher amounts, which is why they choose Roulette VIP. High rollers can therefore experience an exciting moment here because it is really about large amounts of money. The amount of the bet depends on which gaming table you have chosen. It may be that you have a minimum bet on the gaming table of a few hundred euros. However, sometimes that can also be a few thousand euros. Therefore, take a good look at the gaming table you have chosen before placing a bet.

☑️ How does Roulette VIP work in the live casino?

If you play Roulette VIP in the live casino, a Full-HD video connection will be started. In the studio where the game is located, there are one or more cameras. The Roulette VIP game can be followed through these cameras, and the dealer can also be seen constantly in the picture.

☑️ Can I play mobile Roulette VIP in the live casino?

It is certainly possible to look up the live casino mobile. Mobile play can be done via a smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet. You can play mobile at any time.

☑️ Is playing Roulette VIP in live casino reliable?

Yes, playing Roulette VIP in the live casino is safe and can always be done reliably. The gaming tables show no deviations, and the live VIP dealers always adhere to the game’s rules. Via the video connection, you can follow both the gaming table and the dealer. They do not disappear from the picture for a moment. In addition, the VIP casinos shown by us are all under the strict supervision of compliance with the rules by well-known gambling authorities worldwide.