American wins Lucky for Life lottery with 6 tickets

30 December 2022

Raymond Roberts, a veteran from Massachusetts, USA, bought 6 tickets for the Lucky for Life lottery. He chose the same series of numbers as a lottery number 6 times. Precisely this combination of numbers turned out to be the winning lottery number. As a result, he took home nearly $2.5 million.

Total win Lucky for Life with 6 lottery tickets

The lucky American who won 6 lottery tickets has collected another high prize. He won $25,000 per year per lot for life. Yet life is not quite life at Lucky for Life. This means 20 years.

This would give the winner a total prize of $500,000 per lot, spread over 20 years. However, it is possible to buy off the price. The winner has done this with 5 of the 6 tickets.

The buyout price is $390,000 per lot. This brings him to a total amount of $1,950,000 in one go. In addition, the winner will receive $25,000 per year for the remaining ticket. This brings him to a total prize of $2,450,000 real money.